Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I make a donation to Special Olympics without participating in the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge?  Yes. Just click the Donate button to make a general donation to the event.
  2. When will I receive my incentives?  Incentives are ordered and mailed out 4 to 6 weeks after the event.
  3. Is the tunnel clean for the event? Yes. Port Authority of NY/NJ closes the South Tube the night before the race. They continue throughout the night and throughout the race ventilating clean air in and out of the tunnel. Air is changed every 90 seconds. The road is degreased the night before the event. Vehicles are not permitted in the tunnel until the race concludes.
  4. Is there access to New York City even though the race is going on? Yes. The center tube is open to vehicles going from New Jersey into New York City. The south tube will reopen at approximately 11:00 a.m.
  5. Can I jump in 2nd race once I have completed 1st race? Does this affect my timing chip results? We ask that you don’t do this because it may affect your timing results.
  6. What happens if it rains? The Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5K is a rain or shine event. If you do not participate, your money will not be refunded. It will be a donation to Special Olympics New Jersey.
  7. Can I push a stroller when I run/walk through the tunnel? Yes. You must mention at check-in that you will be pushing a stroller. You will receive a tag to be place on your stroller so security can identify that you checked it in. All strollers and bags are subject to search by our security.
  8. Can I wear in-line skates, heely sneakers, ride a bike or skateboard? No, they are not permitted in the tunnel.
  9. Can I bring a pet into the tunnel? No, they are not permitted in the tunnel.
  10. Can I bring a camera or video camera in the tunnel when I participate? No. It is unlawful to take photographs in the Lincoln Tunnel for security purposes.
  11. I registered for the 8:00AM start and need to change to the 8:45AM start or vice versa. How do I make this change to my registration? Click Here to Email Your Change or call (609)896-8000.
  12. Are strollers permitted in the tunnel? Yes, strollers are permitted.